Move2Digital is a HUB gathering an ecosystem for the digitalization of multi sector Small and Medium Enterprises from the Region SUD

  • A large ecosystem of digital companies delivering core products and services for digitalization featuring the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital security and microelectronics/electronics technologies
  • Multiple ecosystems from various industrial sectors
  • Experts in digitalization and manufacturing
  • Test and industrialization platforms
  • Technology research and training centres
  • Private and public funding stakeholders

We aim at helping regional, French and European companies for more competitiveness by improving their products & services and processes thanks to trustful and proven digital products and services.

To that extent, we give you support for your digitalization project from the needs assessment to the development of appropriate solutions up to deployment.

Move2Digital - Transformation Digitale
Move2Digital - Transformation Digitale
Move2Digital - Digitalisation


The Move2Digital Digital Innovation Hub gives you access to a full set of services for your digital transformation project

  • Opportunity and needs assessment
  • Project auditing
  • Definition of solutions
  • Linking with trustful digital partners and experts
  • Project management
  • Co-funding for the digitalization project implementation
  • Access to training for your staff …


The Move2Digital DIH together with all its partners cover products and services related to the following digital transformation technologies

  • Digital secutiry and cyber-security
  • Big Data and artificial intelligence
  • Electronics and microelectronics
  • IoT and communicating objects